Accessibility Declaration
Accessibility in Kedem Hotel:
Hotel management and staff of employees sees the significant importance in accessibility for all its guests, is working on promoting the matter and is 
working on creating diverse solutions that will alleviate the guests and allow them to enjoy their vacation.
The hotel spans over a large area, and therefore, we made sure to create conditions that enable comfortable, free and independent movement to all services offered by the Hotel.
The skilled and professional Hotel staff will be happy to assist as may be necessary.
Below are details about the existing accessibility arrangements in the Kedem Hotel:
Handicapped parking:
there is room for 5 small cars at the front of the lobby, there is a sidewalk path with no steps. It is about 10 meters from the Hotel’s entry.
Additional parking for a large vehicle at the upper level of the Hotel near the building entry and close to the elevator.
Suitable public bathrooms: in the lobby, spa and swimming pool (includes a wheelchair lift).
At the Hotel’s reception desk, the height of the desk is suitable and there is an audio system.
In addition, there is a map of accessible paths explaining how to reach every part of the Hotel.
An accessible room, entry door and shower door that have a width of 90 cm., the access to the rooms is without stairs and near the elevators.
Detailed information sheets written in Brail. 
Access to the spa by elevator and not the stairs.
Throughout the Hotel, there are 3 elevators that lead to public areas in the Hotel and fully accessible rooms.